LT Edge Central for Rival Victory

LT Edge Central for Rival Victory

LT 2 HC 1 - Silver Brick Game

MATCH REPORT: LT Edge Central for Rival Victory. by Zamaan Qureshi


Losing a rival match hurts. It stings and it feels dramatically gut wrenching. But Hinsdale Centrals Red Devils will be back stronger than ever.


A strong, physical, tall team in Lyons Township (LT) took on the technical, composed, passers that were Hinsdale Central. Dickinson Stadium hosted the occasion turning out a large number of LT fans, but a massive support of Hinsdale Central supporters. At final whistle, coach Michael Wiggins extended his gratitude and thanks, and instructed his team to do the same, to thank the supporters who turned up in their numbers, on Thursday night.


A scoreless first half ensued and provided precedent for the even tighter beginning of the second half. LT found the breakthrough early on through the second half - a distant shot caught an awkward bounce, and wrong-footed the goalkeeper, Nathan Goliak. The tension didn’t last for long though. A foul drawn outside the box was within shooting range for John-Paul Lteif who curled the ball into the far corner. Central turned on the afterburners and started pushing looking for anyway to pick the lock out of a strong LT defense. Balls over the top failed to beat the height of LT’s central defenders so a tactical switch was made by Wiggins team to try something new. Nathan Goliak pulled off two top-draw saves to keep Central level in the process.


Despite the chances for Central, the inevitable happened as LT picked up a loose ball from their own half, drove forward, found themselves in a scoring position, and couldn’t miss. With ten minutes to go, Central battled their way to try and bring the game to extra time.

Speaking after the game, Coach Michael Wiggins commented saying “They were very good tonight, and I think we have been better. That said, we clearly competed and I think we learned about what a playoff atmosphere will look like when October comes. Credit to them [LT] for finishing the chances they earned, but also to JP [John-Paul Lteif] for a terrific restart that got us back in it.”